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New, Fast and Privacy-First
VPN Technology

“Compared to horrors that are OpenVPN and IPSec, WireGuard is a work of art”
- Linus Torvalds
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What is WireGuard® Protocol?

WireGuard® is a new generation VPN protocol which is using an advanced level of cryptography. It is aimed to achieve a better performance than its predecessors, IPsec and OpenVPN, in all aspects including security, simplicity, latency and throughput.
Although it is still in BETA development stage, it is widely accepted as the VPN protocol of the future.

WireVPN Features

Multiple locations
Select any server from ever growing list of locations all around the world.
Anonymous account
Your IP is hidden to everybody. Browse the internet safely.
No logging
No specific user data is held at any time. Your data belongs to you.
Future ready
Support for IPV6 is available as well as traditional IPV4.
New VPN technology
All our services are built on the newest VPN protocol WireGuard.
Multi device support
Use your VPN service on up to 5 devices at the same time.
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